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The future of VR technology in the film industry


Modern technologies do not stand still. Every year more and more new «smart» devices are created that make our life easier, brighter and more colorful. So, for example, one of the real breakthroughs of mankind was the shooting of video in 360 degrees. If at first such videos were short-length excerpts, today this technology is actively used to create full-length products in the film industry. So, in this post you can learn more about PROFESSIONAL VR SHOOTING.

Today we will talk about the future of VR technology in the film industry. If you are interested in this direction, then we recommend reading the material presented below — it will not only be fascinating, but also useful for the reader.

Implementation of VR technologies in the film industry

To date, VR technologies have been most actively developed in the film industry in the United States of America. In this country, the modern trend is especially widely and massively introduced into the production of film products. Four years ago, the famous National Geographic television channel announced the start of filming its first film in a new VR format. This product was the film «The Protectors», which later received high ratings and gained serious popularity. Despite the fact that the film is a short film, the use of VR technologies was marked by great success — the viewer appreciated the modern approach and the introduction of innovations into the filming process.

After another 2 years, in 2018 the second VR-film “The Limit” from the Hollywood director Robert Rodriguez was released.

Another state that does not lag behind America in the direction of introducing VR technologies into the process of shooting movies is France. This year, several studios presented their design work using this technology.

Following America and France are countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany, China and Taiwan. They are also eager to use VR in film production.

Thus, we can assume that over time this direction will gain more and more momentum. Every year, new film projects will appear, which will delight the viewer with a special atmosphere, deep immersion and a feeling of new, virtual reality, which allows you to get even more vivid and strong emotions from watching the film.