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How to increase YouTube video views?


The popularity of video hosting is due to the desire of a large number of people to show their own videos to others. Thus, the number of views on YouTube is a key characteristic of the content. Moreover, this applies to both commercial and user video. The more people watch the posted video, the higher the channel’s rating and popularity, which of course will affect the income level. Get youtube views.

Simple ways to increase video views

  1. Description to the video

Before uploading a video to YouTube, you will need to fill out a few fields. With their help, users learn about the contents of the video. To do this, come up with a bright, catchy name that will be immediately remembered. At the same time, it is better to write it in capital letters so that it is striking.

In the field where you want to describe the video, insert a text with keywords or phrases that will help you find the video faster. Search engines will use the given tags in the search results. The more accurately the content was determined, the more people will see the posted video.


On YouTube, as in any other place of earnings, there is high competition. But on the site, you can use it to your advantage. Therefore, leave comments on other channels with a link to the news under discussion. Thus, you can attract a certain number of users to your channel, who can not only watch the video, but also subscribe to the channel. Use this method with caution, as a competitor may file a complaint about the post you left considering it to be spam or simply delete it. Agree in advance on the mutual placement of comments, such a PR will be beneficial to everyone.

  1. Annotations

This function offers to place mini-ads on the video, after clicking on which the user goes to the recommended clips. Do not add such banners to all videos, as they often distract and cover part of the image. The best option is the appearance of such an ad at the end of the video.

  1. Clickable Images

Youtube, when issuing search results, automatically generates a picture (screenshot) of your video, which can be changed. To do this, use the graphical editor in the service itself. These little things will help attract users to your channel.